Our solutions within the SAAS SEO projects

Our solutions are absolutely easy to integrate into the SAAS marketing framework of your project. We work closely with your product marketers to maximize our collaborative efforts.

Complex SEO promotion

We promote sites of SAAS SEO services by fixing KPI goals and provide a full range of search engine promotion services. And our accurate forecasts will allow you to see exactly when you will get the result and at what stage.

SEO site audit

A team of specialists evaluates the structure and technical condition of the site. We find gaps and problems and create a step-by-step improvement plan.

SEO at the stage of website development

Our SAAS SEO experts will draw up technical requirements at the stages of website development with SEO recommendations. You will receive a website already optimized and ready for promotion even before its launch.

Technical optimization

After the audit of the project, we form a set of recommendations for correct technical optimization based on the latest relevant requirements of search engines, implement and prepare the project for further work.

On-page optimization

We do not just select keywords but analyze the niche, competitors, trends, and the market as deeply as possible. At this stage, our client receives a detailed technical specification for the content, as well as relevant recommendations for site optimization. Thanks to this, a SAAS SEO agency ensures stable increase site traffic even before an active process link building.

Link building

SAAS SEO experts form and implement a strategy for obtaining high-quality backlinks to get first positions and referral traffic on favorable terms for the client.

Construction and development of PBN building networks

We create and form a network of satellites to promote your resource to optimize the costs of buying links on third-party sites and develop our network of trust resources.

Removing Google penalties

We determine the reasons for the imposition of filters, eliminate errors and violations. After the penalties are removed, our specialists will develop a new effective and safe promotion strategy and recommendations to prevent recurrences.


Problems we solve with SEO for SAAS startups

Lack of demand

SEO consulting for SAAS companies provides a comprehensive content strategy and active link building. Otherwise, it is impossible to form awareness of a new project and its features.

Lack of reputation

Any SAAS project needs to get real positive feedback. We develop a SERM strategy that will help build the brand image and reputation.

Not enough site visitors

Without traffic displayed in Similarweb reports, it is very difficult to present a project to investors. SEO allows you to increase traffic for a reasonable budget and get results already in the first stages of development.


A large budget for SEO and marketing with low results becomes a problem and a risk factor for any company. The right strategy and relevant methods will make your promotion cost-effective.

Difficulties in testing hypotheses

To estimate the potential success of the product, we optimize selected pages and promote quality link building for SEO. In 2-3 months, we’ll have enough data to make conclusions.

Changing market trends

Without a timely response to changing trends, it is impossible to keep the audience's attention for a long time. SEO agencies for SAAS take into account Google Trends data to work with up-to-date information.


What results you’ll get with us

We focus on the KPI goals for the customer. The Luxeo team delivers concrete, measurable results:

Formation and growth of demand

The comprehensive approach of our SAAS SEO agency can get you targeted traffic in the first months of work.

Formation of a positive reputation

The steady growth of a loyal audience around the project directly affects the growth of reputation and the formation of the image.

Increased brand and product awareness

The higher the position of the site in the search results, the more people will know about your product. Competent link building will allow you to reach the TOP ranking in search after the first 3-6 months of work.

Increase in site visitors

Stable work on website optimization, active link building, and accurate analytics will allow you to achieve monthly traffic growth.

Higher conversion rate

People with already formed demand more often come from organic search results, who are more likely to take the targeted action.

Increased ROI

Regular SEO work translates into long-term returns for SAAS project owners over several years.

Order an accurate traffic forecast for your website

Based on our experience, we will prepare a forecast for traffic, conversion and leads in your niche.

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    The stages of SEO for SAAS companies

    Before selecting and implementing specific solutions, we analyze the client's business. We divide the SEO promotion process into several stages:


    Niche analysis

    For in-depth analysis of a niche, we study trends in this segment, competition activity in the industry, identify project weaknesses, and form the vector of our actions.


    Site audit

    With our SAAS SEO services, we evaluate the site in terms of design, marketing, and technical SEO. We develop an action plan for improvement that will increase the effectiveness of the promotion.


    Strategy formation

    Based on the information collected, we draw up a strategy for promoting the company. Our forecasts come true with an accuracy of 93%.


    Keywords research

    We collect and process a large amount of data from various tools. We form and structure the list of search queries, thanks to which the customer's site will collect the maximum organic traffic.


    Assessment of site pages

    We use our methodology to score pages and determine which ones to optimize first. Due to this approach, ROI and the overall efficiency of website promotion grow.


    Content writing assignment

    We analyze content on competitors' websites. Based on the semantics and the collected information, our specialists draw up a detailed task for writing content. High-quality content drives traffic and conversions.


    On-page SEO

    Our SAAS SEO experts compile the requirements for the content of each website page. They carefully draw up recommendations for further support of the site, taking into account all the needs of internal optimization.


    Link building

    We are increasing the number of natural links for the site. Working according to a predetermined strategy guarantees results and safety.


    Monitoring and improvements

    We track intermediate results, analyze information, and make adjustments to improve work efficiency.

    We’re proud of our productive long-lasting relationships with our clients


    Achievements of our clients

    Proofy - SAAS product

    Real-time email verification service to improve digital marketing performance.


    • Growth of new users by 269% in 6 months
    • Traffic growth by 248%
    • 83 keywords in TOP 10
    Read the case

    iNew Homes

    iNewHomes is a marketplace for the sale, purchase, and rental of real estate in North America.


    • 550 keywords in TOP10
    • Traffic growth by 130 times
    Read the case

    Fireart Studio - IT outsourcing company

    Provides design development services for web projects, as well as software for both large enterprises and startups. The main office is based in Poland, 2 representative offices are also in the USA and Great Britain.


    • Increased conversions by 6 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 186%
    • 240 keywords in TOP10
    Read the case

    Kevuru Games — IT outsourcing company

    The company provides game development services and has been present on the market for over 10 years. The studio collaborates with world-famous gaming giants such as Disney, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, etc.


    • Increase in conversion 10 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 769%
    • 300 keywords in TOP10

    Diceus - IT outsourcing company

    The company specializes in software development for the financial, automotive, retail, logistics, and healthcare sectors.


    • Increased conversions by 3 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 220%
    • Growth of positions for keywords by 300%

    Lets Exchange

    Lets Exchange is a multicurrency service for exchanging cryptocurrencies with floating and fixed rates.


    • Traffic growth by 130 times
    • Number of impressions in search engine is 3.37 million for 3 months
    Read the case

    Confidence factors

    Why should you trust us?

    We cooperate with successful companies that create modern SAAS tools. Effective marketing from Luxeo helps them grow even faster. There are several reasons to entrust the promotion of your business to us:

    Focusing on ROI growth

    A SAAS SEO agency is ready to sign a contract based on KPI. Our clients pay only for the achievement of priority indicators.

    Successful experience in promoting SAAS products

    Thanks to our solid experience in working with the IT business, we understand the specifics and features of promoting various areas of this industry, and at the expense of guaranteeing the accuracy of our forecasts by 90%.

    Specialization of teams on SAAS projects

    We have formed project teams specifically for each type of project. This means that your site will be promoted by specialists who have experience of successful work with large-scale SAAS projects.

    Direct communication with specialists

    The customer will be able to ask questions directly to the performers. This makes working communication more productive. Also, clients can add their content and web development contractors to the project chat.

    Transparency of cooperation terms

    Our SEO agency for SAAS fixes all the terms of cooperation in the contracts. In the document, you will see the cost of an hour of work, each link, and so on. No hidden fees.

    Quality service and result

    We are financially responsible for the results of the work. We are ready to include a refund clause in the agreement.


    What our clients say about us

    "One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of w"[...]

    "One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of working with large websites with hundreds of millions of pages, which is a completely different world and has varying degrees of complexity. SEO is a very important part of our customer acquisition strategy. We needed a complete re-optimization of all our website pages in search results, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, optimization of our crawling budget, and correction of international SEO errors. And that was just a starting point, plus we needed to do it all on a very small budget. During the first 3 months of working with Luxeo, we did a lot of work. Dmitry gave very valuable advice and attended our strategic sessions. We are very pleased with our cooperation with Dmitry and recommend Luxeo agency for SEO."

    Andrey Terenchev, Head of SEO, kiwi.com


    growth in new traffic users


    keys in TOP 10

    A complete re-optimization of the site pages, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, and correction of technical errors have been performed.

    "When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to beg"[...]

    "When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to begin with. They took the time and their resources to analyze our market and our business goals. They frankly said what was the right thing to do in our promotion, and what should be improved. We love this openness, flexibility, and high level of expertise. They also helped us allocate our budget efficiently and focus only on what matters. As a result, our organic traffic grew by 300% in 6 months. This is a significant result. We even limited our SEO activity because our business couldn't scale at the same rate. I want to thank you, Luxeo.Team, for taking us into a completely different world of communication and collaboration."

    Sergey, iNewHomes


    increase in traffic


    increase in leads

    The analysis and collection of SN, link building, technical optimization, internal site optimization, blog development were performed.

    "We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main go"[...]

    "We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main goal was to analyze and collect the semantic core for the site, optimize texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization. Dmitry has a technical background and experience as a developer, so he understands very well how to build an SEO strategy to get leads in the IT field. This was very valuable to me, as Dmitry always shared relevant tips and tricks. Therefore, we have always found the best promotion solutions."

    Violetta Dec, applandeo.com


    traffic growth


    increase in leads

    Analysis and collection of the semantic core for the site, optimization of texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization.

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    All you need to know about SEO for SaaS


    How much do marketing and end-to-end promotion cost for SaaS companies?

    We calculate the cost of services individually after studying the niche, predictive analytics, and preliminary consultation with the customer.

    When to expect first SEO results?

    The competition in the SaaS SEO project niche is constantly growing. Therefore, the first results and stable positive dynamics will be noticeable in 4-6 months of promotion.

    Do you need SEO to promote SaaS services?

    SEO consulting for SaaS companies helps to create and develop demand, brand awareness. In addition, promoting on Google increases the overall marketing ROI.


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