Our solutions within technical SEO services

We study the site from a technical point of view: we identify errors in the code, structure, and linking, find duplicates and unoptimized content, test the speed, check the server and indexing settings.

Analysis of the technical component

Our experts check the validity of HTML, CSS code, analyze the quality of hosting and the server's correctness. Our team works with Robots.txt and Sitemap XML parameters. We identify problems in setting up the main mirror and error pages, navigation, linking, and CNC.

Analysis of the information component

IT professionals analyze correctness of indexing in search engines, as well as check for penalties and the presence of affiliate sites. The specialists look for errors in the structure, page nesting, meta-data, display of text and graphic content.


Problems we solve with technical SEO audit services

Our goal is to help you uncover hidden internal issues that reduce your site's chances of attracting search traffic and targeted leads, thus slowing down your business.

Low positions

the site cannot reach the top positions in the search results, which is why it loses traffic and conversion. A technical site audit allows you to determine the cause of failures and find effective methods to eliminate it.

Minimum traffic

the number of clicks from search results has decreased. An audit helps to understand why a resource is unpopular - because of an illiterate SEO strategy or serious technical errors.

Poor-quality leads

the resource has optimal traffic but receives almost no applications. As part of the audit, you can study the traffic sources and track which pages visitors leave more often.

Filters hit

There are all signs that the resource has come under search engine penalties. You can find out whether this is true and take action only after a deep analysis of the current state and detection of serious malfunctions.

Visitor Complaints

The company often receives negative reviews and comments regarding the incorrect operation of its website. Inconvenient navigation, loading time longer than 7 seconds, broken links, problems with feedback forms — all this is revealed during the audit by our technical SEO company.

Low profitability

there is no progress in promotion, despite regular investments. An audit allows you to determine if the reason is 2 ineffective SEO strategies or internal problems.


What results you’ll get with u

Upon completion of the audit, we draw up a detailed report on all the problems identified at each stage of the analysis. Our technical SEO agency works for the future, and therefore we compulsorily draw up a plan to eliminate errors and improve the promotion strategy.

Competitor analytics

A list of real and potential competing companies with a description of the current state of their projects and optimization methods.

Error reporting

A detailed description of all the problems in the technical area that we were able to identify during the audit, as well as the weaknesses of the project.

Сomplex technical audit

Instructions for an IT specialist on how to effectively eliminate the technical problems described in the report.

Recommendations for promotion

Proposals for making changes to the internal optimization and the search engine promotion strategy in general.

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    The stages of process within technical SEO audit services

    In our SEO technical audit service, we are guided by the world’s best practices, use our own analytics, accumulated over more than 6 years of work, and carefully think through each stage of the project analysis.



    We deeply study the niche in which the client operates, including the competitive environment. We draw up a step-by-step audit strategy based on the goals and objectives of the business.


    Parsing the site

    We collect and analyze information considering the robots.txt directives for specific search engines that the site is being promoted by.


    Analysis of technical indicators

    We check the current state according to the parameters that search robots are guided by. We are looking for duplicate, dangling, and non-canonical pages.


    Structural analysis

    We define how correctly the structure and redirection between pages is created, looking for links leading to non-existent pages.


    Analysis of technical pages

    We check the site for the correctness of the 404 page and the settings for the commands for search robots in robots.txt and sitemap.xml.


    Optimization analysis

    We identify cloaking and other black SEO promotion methods, identify unoptimized content and problems in the SEO structure.


    Functional check

    We determine the speed of server response and loading of individual pages, monitor uptimes, test feedback forms, links, Cookies, HTML / CSS validations.



    We form reports on the work performed, provide recommendations for eliminating the errors found, and making changes to the SEO strategy.

    Confidence factors

    Why you should trust us

    We cooperate with IT business representatives from different countries, offering them professional SEO technical audit service, including technical audit and optimization tuning.

    IT experience

    All of our specialists are technically savvy, as they have IT education, specialized courses certificates, tech project management skills, and experience in promoting in highly competitive niches.

    Access to unique analytics

    In the process of conducting an audit, we use both publicly available analytical services and our database, formed over the years of work in the IT industries.

    Project potential assessment

    We are able not only to find the weak points of the project, but also to determine the points of growth for the business, providing individual strategies and recommendations from technical SEO companies.

    Work for the future

    After completing the audit, we draw up a long-term plan for monitoring problem indicators and technical requirements for web publishers, which can always be relevant.

    Personal approach

    We work with each client separately, gathering a team of specialists for the unique goals and objectives of the company, and do not use ready-made templates of our past projects.

    Focus on KPIs

    One of our cooperation models is signing of a contract based on KPI, according to which we take payment only after the client has achieved the planned results.

    We’re proud of our productive long-lasting relationships with our clients


    Achievements of our clients

    Fireart Studio - IT outsourcing company

    Provides design development services for web projects, as well as software for both large enterprises and startups. The main office is based in Poland, 2 representative offices are also in the USA and Great Britain.


    • Increased conversions by 6 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 186%
    • 240 keywords in TOP10
    Read the case

    Kevuru Games — IT outsourcing company

    The company provides game development services and has been present on the market for over 10 years. The studio collaborates with world-famous gaming giants such as Disney, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, etc.


    • Increase in conversion 10 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 769%
    • 300 keywords in TOP10

    Diceus - IT outsourcing company

    The company specializes in software development for the financial, automotive, retail, logistics, and healthcare sectors.


    • Increased conversions by 3 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 220%
    • Growth of positions for keywords by 300%

    Proofy - SAAS product

    Real-time email verification service to improve digital marketing performance.


    • Growth of new users by 269% in 6 months
    • Traffic growth by 248%
    • 83 keywords in TOP 10
    Read the case

    Lets Exchange

    Lets Exchange is a multicurrency service for exchanging cryptocurrencies with floating and fixed rates.


    • Traffic growth by 130 times
    • Number of impressions in search engine is 3.37 million for 3 months
    Read the case

    iNew Homes

    iNewHomes is a marketplace for the sale, purchase, and rental of real estate in North America.


    • 550 keywords in TOP10
    • Traffic growth by 130 times
    Read the case


    What our clients say about us

    "One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of w"[...]

    "One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of working with large websites with hundreds of millions of pages, which is a completely different world and has varying degrees of complexity. SEO is a very important part of our customer acquisition strategy. We needed a complete re-optimization of all our website pages in search results, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, optimization of our crawling budget, and correction of international SEO errors. And that was just a starting point, plus we needed to do it all on a very small budget. During the first 3 months of working with Luxeo, we did a lot of work. Dmitry gave very valuable advice and attended our strategic sessions. We are very pleased with our cooperation with Dmitry and recommend Luxeo agency for SEO."

    Andrey Terenchev, Head of SEO,


    growth in new traffic users


    keys in TOP 10

    A complete re-optimization of the site pages, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, and correction of technical errors have been performed.

    "We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main go"[...]

    "We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main goal was to analyze and collect the semantic core for the site, optimize texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization. Dmitry has a technical background and experience as a developer, so he understands very well how to build an SEO strategy to get leads in the IT field. This was very valuable to me, as Dmitry always shared relevant tips and tricks. Therefore, we have always found the best promotion solutions."

    Violetta Dec,


    traffic growth


    increase in leads

    Analysis and collection of the semantic core for the site, optimization of texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization.

    "When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to beg"[...]

    "When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to begin with. They took the time and their resources to analyze our market and our business goals. They frankly said what was the right thing to do in our promotion, and what should be improved. We love this openness, flexibility, and high level of expertise. They also helped us allocate our budget efficiently and focus only on what matters. As a result, our organic traffic grew by 300% in 6 months. This is a significant result. We even limited our SEO activity because our business couldn't scale at the same rate. I want to thank you, Luxeo.Team, for taking us into a completely different world of communication and collaboration."

    Sergey, iNewHomes


    increase in traffic


    growth in leads

    The analysis and collection of SN, link building, technical optimization, internal site optimization, blog development were performed.

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    All you need to know about technical SEO audit


    What is a website technical audit?

    A technical SEO audit service is a search for errors and malfunctions in the work of the site, which are of a technical or program nature. Based on the analysis results, we create an error report and propose an action plan to eliminate them.

    What is a technical SEO audit service of a website for?

    A technical SEO service allows you to find hidden problems in the operation of the resource related to the code, hosting and server settings, navigation, structure, internal links, etc. This helps to understand why the positions in search engines suddenly dropped, traffic decreased, and complaints from visitors began to come. For new web projects and companies that are just about to promote online, this is a chance to assess their potential and build a competent SEO strategy.

    What is the cost of a technical SEO audit service?

    For a technical audit of a site, the price depends, first of all, on the specifics, scale, and duration of the project, as well as on the complexity of the tasks that must be completed in the process. The price is discussed with the client individually for consultation before the conclusion of the contract.


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