Companies looking to enter the US market with new IT products often face common challenges such as lack of visibility, limited investment, and no understanding of how to get started.

Since a business idea is often innovative, it is quite challenging to communicate and attract the attention of potential buyers in the early stages. As a result, getting “hot” traffic from Google is just a hypothesis. It leads to the failure of many new services. Making a name in the US IT service market is not an easy task.   

In this case, we will tell you how new resources can start receiving traffic and what methods are used to promote SAAS products to western countries.

About the project

Proofy email verification service has been operating in the US market since May 2018. The purpose of the service: checking the address book before sending emails. Frequently, the reason for the failure of an email marketing strategy is in the details. For example, in an outdated database of email addresses. As a result, most of the emails go to spam. Proofy service helps its clients to avoid this situation. 

Email verification service is a narrow niche. At first, the service needed to show the target audience the existing problem and then prove the need for a new product.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 1

A client contacted us with this problem in March 2020. At the first communication stage, the following issues were identified:

  1. SEO promotion of the website was not systematic, without clear KPIs and an integrated approach.
  2. Organic traffic to the website has not exceeded 2000 users for two years.
  3. The target audience could not find the service for narrow key queries, and traffic to informational blog articles didn’t bring buyers.

Before the start of our cooperation, the dynamics of organic traffic to the website looked as follows:

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 2

Promotion goals

The input data for the Proofy case looked as follows:

Having a clear goal, we started a comprehensive SEO promotion of the website.

Proofy wanted to double organic traffic. Together we have increased organic tenfold in six months. Below we will tell you in detail how we achieved this result.

Promotion of a new product to the US market

Despite some work experience with SEO specialists, Proofy did not increase the number of leads to its website because a point solution to narrow problems does not give the desired result. Therefore, we always offer our clients a complex approach. We divide a large process into small tasks and solve each one individually. 

Technical audit and internal website optimization

Often the first stage of a project is a technical audit.

Technical SEO is a set of measures that improve the content, website code structure, and design. It helps to improve the indexing of the website by search engines. Correction of critical errors in the website is a basis for effective work with page optimization.

On-page SEO is a set of measures to improve user interaction with content. It includes enhancing the text and visual components of the website pages as well as technical works associated with the proper code structure.

On our part, a detailed audit was prepared, as a result of which several problems were detected:

Technical optimization:

  • pages of the website’s administrative panel were opened for indexing;
  • no robots.txt file and sitemap;
  • broken links;
  • low website operation speed on both computers and mobile devices

On-page SEO:

  • no H1 headers
  • unnecessary headers H2-H6
  • incorrect micro-markup of the website

The final audit document contained clear and detailed examples for the client’s team to solve the problems found.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 3

Based on the audit, we drew up the terms of reference and improved on-page SEO:

  • added AMP pages;
  • increased download speed by removing duplicates and fixing errors in the code;
  • developed rating micro-markup and FAQ to improve snippet and increase CTR;
  • developed recommendations for the design of headings and subheadings H1 and H2;
  • added calls to action.

Semantic core development

Semantic core development is an essential part of SEO optimization because it helps to analyze the demand for a product and see the potential of the entire project.

After collecting keywords and analyzing the information, we noticed an important detail: no pages on the website could be optimized for all relevant user requests. Due to this, customers looking for solutions to their problems online did not see the Proofy website.

After the analysis, we identified groups of requests and decided to create new pages for them:

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 4

For each new landing page, our team selected keywords, designed a detailed structure, and presented prototypes of the website pages.

A Terms of Reference example to create new pages:

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 5
SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 6
SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 7

On-page optimization for existing pages

Development of the website’s commercial pages

In addition to creating new pages, our team worked out and made recommendations on how to improve the text and visual components of the website’s existing pages. It would help to ensure the visibility of these pages on the search network and increase the conversion.

We focused on the new structure of the main page as well. A block of questions and answers, a description of the advantages of the Proofy service, and a lead capture form appeared on the website.

For each existing page of the website, we performed the following works:

  • prepared meta tags;
  • developed TOR for copywriters with keywords and LSI;
  • expanded the content of landing pages.

Blog development

The situation when a blog exists on the website only for periodic content updates is quite typical. For some reason, the power of influence of informational articles on a potential buyer is underestimated. So it was with Proofy.

Our team proposed to the Proofy service to improve the blog in three steps.

  1. Optimization of current articles. We selected relevant keywords, added meta tags, changed the structure, and introduced internal linking.
  2. General recommendations for improving the blog and adding necessary features. We prepared a step-by-step manual on making the Proofy blog more attractive in terms of user experience.
  3. Blog development roadmap. We selected topics for articles and a plan for their publication. During preparing articles for the content plan, we relied on the frequent problems of the audience of the Proofy product. So, users looking for solutions to common issues in email marketing would go to the client’s resource, read about their solution, and immediately get acquainted with the service.
  • How to Track Open Emails? 7 Services for Email Tracking
  • 7 Huge Mistakes to Avoid in Email Marketing
  • Abandoned Cart Emails: 10 Best Practices with Examples
  • Segmentation in Email Marketing: Best Practices and Creative Ideas

The last critical stage in complex SEO promotion is the correct link building. We started by analyzing the link profile of competitors, downloaded the data for each one, and prepared detailed analytics.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 8

Based on the analytics obtained, we formed a separate technical specification for each text under the link and selected proven donor websites for placement.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 9

For each placement, the results were also tracked, and detailed link building reports were formed.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 10

This comprehensive approach to link building strategy brings impressive results. By posting helpful information for potential customers and 30-50 links per month on proven donor websites, we increased organic traffic to the Proofy website.

If your company needs to develop and introduce the correct link building, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our specialists will develop a strategy and implement it.  

Proofy case results in 6 months

The results obtained exceeded the client’s expectations. During the period from August to October, the active growth of organic traffic to the website began.

SEO case study for SAAS products: organic growth by 10 times in 6 months - 11

In general, our cooperation lasted six months. The website’s organic has grown 10 times during this time, although the client initially set the task to increase the indicator only 2 times. Another 83 key phrases got into the TOP 10. The website has got the potential to increase the coverage of Proofy customers. 

Let’s summarize with the example of the Proofy case

Comprehensive SEO works even for specific projects that target narrow niches. It is necessary to do thorough work, making your website visible to potential buyers of services. It is not magic, but a professional approach to the website’s semantics, structure expanding, elaboration of landing pages, and the correct link building strategy. 

As a result, organic traffic growth will exceed your expectations. Let’s see together how to do this. Leave a request for comprehensive SEO for your website.

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