Our solution within dedicated SEO services

We provide you with SEO experts who work exclusively on your project and offer both comprehensive and targeted solutions for your tasks.

A complete set of SEO services

We perform any work to bring your website to the TOP of search engine results: from market analysis and selection of semantics to creating a link profile.


Specialists check the website for technical errors and compliance with search requirements. Based on the results, we provide recommendations and forecasts.

Off-page optimization

Based on the audit results, we offer solutions for technical problems and create conditions for successful promotion.

On-page optimization

We select relevant keywords, analyze the niche, build a structure, and prepare technical specifications for the content.

Link building

Experts create a strategy for building a link profile, implement it step by step, and monitor the results.

Removal of search engine sanctions

We work with websites that fall under Google filters: we identify the reasons and provide recommendations for restoring.

PBN creation

To attract traffic and save on buying links, we build a network of auxiliary websites (satellites).

SEO at the website development stage

Specialists create an SEO promotion strategy for a website that is still being developed to prepare it for promotion.


Problems we solve with outsource dedicated SEO

Our specialists manage any issues that a business faces when entering a new market and during promotion, especially in competitive niches.

Unclaimed product

Until you declare yourself loudly, the audience won’t know about you. SEO helps to increase your awareness and present the product correctly.

Lack of visitors

When the semantics are implemented incorrectly, attendance remains at zero. SEO attracts traffic at an early stage, even without external links.

Poor conversion

If visitors don't perform targeted actions, the reason may hide in your content or structure. Such issues are easy to eliminate with optimization.

Low profitability

If marketing costs do not pay off, perhaps your business invests in non-priority tasks. You can correct the situation if you hire dedicated SEO experts.

Market volatility

To retain customers, you need to follow trends. This task will be solved by SEO specialists who build strategies based on Google Trends.

Difficult competitive conditions

Sometimes competitors play against the rules: they attack the website in order to force it out of the TOP. The best way to fight is SEO.


Results you get with us

Providing dedicated SEO services, we seek individual solutions to problems and focus on the client's KPIs, which helps us achieve measurable results.

Drawing attention to the product

As a result of SEO, your website will reach a prominent position, which means that more people will become your business partners.

Interested visitors

The audience can find you using various industry queries. Targeted traffic reaches a new level in the first months.

Expanding the customer base

Organic search allows you to attract visitors willing to cooperate. It increases the chances of converting traffic into sales.

Increasing ROI

Regular SEO increases ROI and reduces marketing costs.

Adaptation to trends

Promotion is based on actual requests, which means you meet the expectations of customers.

Reaching TOP ranking positions

SEO helps to neutralize the attacks of competitors by turning the weaknesses of the project into advantages.

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    How to hire dedicated SEO specialists

    We assemble the team according to your project’s goals. Each SEO expert has relevant skills and experience in a niche, immerses into the project deeply, and is not distracted by other tasks. Hiring professionals involves 6 steps:


    Getting to Know The Project

    We take the time to get to know the client digging deeper into their business history, studying their services, and analyzing key project goals and requirements.


    Project Solutions Search

    Our task at this stage is to select a number of complex and point solutions, that will correspond to the client's goals, business specifics and financial abilities.


    Team building

    The project involves the specialists with the relevant skills and experience in the required niche. We also select technological resources for effective performance of tasks.


    Negotiating Terms

    Before signing documents, we discuss all terms of cooperation with the client (from schedule to KPIs) and consider their wishes. It helps us to create a trusting relationship.


    SEO strategy creation

    We form a promotion plan within the framework of the chosen solution. We necessarily agree with the client on all tasks, deadlines and other important details of the project.


    Team integration

    The team begins working according to the plan. After each iteration we contact the client and report the results.

    Confidence factors

    Why you should trust us

    We partner with both start-ups and established companies to offer customized solutions, increase visibility, and attract customers.

    Focus on increasing ROI

    The main KPI is the return on your investment in promotion. It is the foundation of our SEO: you only pay for meeting agreed metrics.

    Deep understanding of IT projects

    Using unique methods, we have helped 100+ IT companies become more recognizable and successful. The accuracy of our forecasts reaches 93%.

    Transparent pricing

    We provide all financial indicators: hourly pay, cost per link, and text cost. It ensures that there are no hidden fees.

    Constant Feedback

    Our dedicated SEO consultant and other contributors maintain direct communications with you. You receive monthly reports on the work performed and the results.

    Responsibility for the result

    To achieve the fairest conditions, we take financial responsibility for the results. You can get your money back in case of failure.

    Access to the best tools

    You access best practices and proven tools for market and semantics analysis, forecasting, website position tracking, and link control.

    We’re proud of our productive long-lasting relationships with our clients


    Achievements of our clients

    Kevuru Games - IT Outsourcing Company

    The company provides game development services and has been present on the market for over 10 years. The studio collaborates with world-famous gaming giants such as Disney, Epic Games, Electronic Arts, etc.


    • Increase in conversion 10 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 769%
    • 300 keywords in TOP10

    Diceus - IT Outsourcing Company

    The company specializes in software development for the financial, automotive, retail, logistics, and healthcare sectors.


    • Increased conversions by 3 times in 1 year
    • Traffic growth by 220%
    • Growth of positions for keywords by 300%


    What our clients say about us

    ""One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of "[...]

    ""One of the key criteria for our choice of Luxeo agency was knowledge and experience of working with large websites with hundreds of millions of pages, which is a completely different world and has varying degrees of complexity. SEO is a very important part of our customer acquisition strategy. We needed a complete re-optimization of all our website pages in search results, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, optimization of our crawling budget, and correction of international SEO errors. And that was just a starting point, plus we needed to do it all on a very small budget. During the first 3 months of working with Luxeo, we did a lot of work. Dmitry gave very valuable advice and attended our strategic sessions. We are very pleased with our cooperation with Dmitry and recommend Luxeo agency for SEO.""

    Andrey Terenchev, Head of SEO, kiwi.com


    growth in new traffic users


    keys in TOP 10

    A complete re-optimization of the site pages, an upgrade of the SEO monitoring system, and correction of technical errors have been performed.

    ""When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to be"[...]

    ""When we first met Luxeo. Team, we were surprised. They didn't sell their services to begin with. They took the time and their resources to analyze our market and our business goals. They frankly said what was the right thing to do in our promotion, and what should be improved. We love this openness, flexibility, and high level of expertise. They also helped us allocate our budget efficiently and focus only on what matters. As a result, our organic traffic grew by 300% in 6 months. This is a significant result. We even limited our SEO activity because our business couldn't scale at the same rate. I want to thank you, Luxeo.Team, for taking us into a completely different world of communication and collaboration.""

    Sergey, iNewHomes


    increase in traffic


    growth in leads

    The analysis and collection of SN, link building, technical optimization, internal site optimization, blog development were performed.

    ""We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main g"[...]

    ""We worked with Dmitry and the Luxeo team on an SEO strategy for our website. The main goal was to analyze and collect the semantic core for the site, optimize texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization. Dmitry has a technical background and experience as a developer, so he understands very well how to build an SEO strategy to get leads in the IT field. This was very valuable to me, as Dmitry always shared relevant tips and tricks. Therefore, we have always found the best promotion solutions.""

    Violetta Dec, applandeo.com


    traffic growth


    increase in leads

    Analysis and collection of the semantic core for the site, optimization of texts for landing pages, as well as technical optimization.

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    All you need to know about dedicated SEO Experts


    What is search engine optimization?

    It is a comprehensive website promotion on the Internet to increase search positions and attract targeted visitors.

    When can I expect to see results for my SEO Campaigns?

    The higher the competition in a niche, the more time it will take to reach the TOP. The timing also depends on the number of tasks to solve.

    How do I know who is part of my team?

    The composition of the team is agreed upon before signing the contract. If necessary, you can make your own changes.


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