Hello, we are Luxeo Team

We believe that any client, regardless of the size of the business, should have access to advanced promotion technologies and understand, before starting work, what result he will receive in the end.

We know how to growth organic traffic and get more leads for business

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We embody promotion ideas
with the help of modern technologies

Luxeo Team was founded in 2015, uniting people driven by one idea – to bring internet marketing service to a new level. We decided to offer business advanced Western technologies for website promotion and forecasting results.

In our work, we actively use Data Driven SEO, predictive analytics, modern approaches to the collection and clustering of semantics, text analytics and link building.

Thanks to our own developments, we can quickly track the reasons for the growth of competitors and implement these sites to promote our clients’ sites on the Internet.


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SEO Audit

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SEO consulting

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Monthly SEO
optimization with KPI’s


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Our mission is to provide cutting edge search engine marketing technologies to grow your online business. We believe that everyone should be able to access a quality search engine marketing service, understand what they are paying for and what they will get as a result.

Caring for the client’s business has become our core value, and this is manifested in the principles of Luxeo’s work.


Luxeo Team values

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Our forecasts allow the client to assess in advance the level of return on investment and choose exactly the promotion strategy that suits the specifics of his business.

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Even at the stage of forecasting, we tell the client about the rationality of using certain promotion tools.

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At the end of each month, we provide a progress report. We also make our recommendations according to the project promotion plan.

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We have developed a flexible online system to keep in touch with the client at all stages of the project. This allows the client to monitor the status of the project and make intermediate edits and wishes.


The Luxeo team is, first of all, people who are enthusiastically engaged in what they love. Sometimes our office turns into a mini-laboratory, in which we conduct experiments to improve and research promotion technologies. We talk about our successful experiences at specialized conferences, and we are proud that there are more and more such reports every year.

Luxeo team – leaders in the field of promotion

Thanks to hard work, Luxeo got into the TOP 10 rating of SEO companies in Ukraine and in the TOP-5 rating of Kiev according to CMS-magazine in 2017. Our success is due to the entire team of professionals in the field of search marketing, SEO-promotion and SMM-technologies.

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