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With the rapid development of online marketing and growing competition, a website’s visibility on the web becomes a key factor for success.

Business owners often ask: how can a website become more noticeable to potential customers? Everyone seeks solutions to this problem, such as buying ads, creating content, and optimizing the website, but not all these actions yield the desired results.

Dinarys approached us with a similar question and a desire to optimize their website metrics. We decided not to wander aimlessly, but to take a direct path – from specific challenges to step-by-step implementation of actions. On the road to success, we faced tasks such as developing an anchor plan, collecting the semantic core, formulating technical specifications and valuable recommendations to improve the client’s website’s technical characteristics, and much more.

 Curious about how we managed to double the traffic and increase the number of top queries by seven times? Let’s discuss this right now.

A few Words About the Client

Dinarys is a reliable partner with experience in web development, e-commerce, and DevOps.

With expertise in integrating ERP systems and understanding the nuances of working with SAP and Oracle, the company has been offering comprehensive solutions since 2014 for:

  • optimizing B2B and B2C processes;
  • improving customer interaction based on Magento and Shopware.



Target regions

USA, England, Germany


SEO promotion


Increase in organic traffic and leads


February 2022 – November 2022

Implementation, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining infrastructure are the daily operations at Dinarys.

Key Results Achieved

Over 10 months, the tandem of Luxeo and Dinarys bore fruit:

  • Organic traffic doubled – from 20,000 to 40,000.
  • The number of top 10 queries increased sevenfold.
  • Qualified leads were acquired from organic traffic.

What Catalyzed These Changes?

  1.  First, quality and well-thought-out SEO promotion. 
  2. Second, a deep understanding of Dinarys’ business. 
  3. Third, careful attention to the client’s wishes.

The Problem the Client Came With:

Despite Dinarys has been working in the web development market for 10 years, nobody is immune to problems. Thus, they faced difficulties with SEO promotion. In February 2022, Dinarys approached us with a request for comprehensive project promotion to significantly increase lead generation for sales improvement and business development.

There were two main requests:

  1. Website and marketing activities audit.
  2. Development of project promotion strategy.

That’s how our cooperation began.

Our Approach

Without wasting time, we developed a plan of action for the first month. A plan in SEO promotion is necessary to identify specific actions and strategies to improve the site’s positions. The client was suggested to proceed sequentially.

Step 1. Link Building

The first step towards Dinarys’ SEO success was to increase the site’s authority through link building, i.e., placing backlinks on authoritative websites. These serve as signals to search engines that the site is a useful and reliable source of information.

Implementation plan for link building:

1. Anchor plan development: We analyzed the keywords used by Dinarys’ clients and developed an anchor plan, clearly defining anchor texts and their placement on various websites.

2. Selection of platforms for placement: We selected websites for link placement based on thematic relevance, authority, and traffic. Since sometimes dishonest webmasters delete links, we monitored backlinks.

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 1

Example of an anchor plan

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 2

Example of monitoring

If a missing link was identified on any site, we submitted a refund request. 

Step 2. Technical Recommendations for Commercial Pages 

Commercial pages should generate leads and sales. Therefore, their optimization is important for SEO promotion.

What did we do?

  1. Analyzed commercial pages to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Developed recommendations for optimizing meta tags, content, page structure, mobile-friendliness, and provided them to the client.
  3. Ensured the quality control of the client’s implementation of recommendations and provided assistance as needed (e.g., involvement in hiring additional contractors due to lack of technical resources).

Step 3. Semantic Core Clustering

 Gathering the semantic core identifies the most important and relevant queries that users search for information on. This makes the content more visible to search engines and thus to the target audience. We approached solving this issue thoroughly. Here’s what we achieved.

Gathering the Semantic Core to Expand the Site Structure

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 3

Our team took a series of actions, including:

  • Analysis of the keywords used by the website.
  • Research on competitors and their keywords.
  • Identification of new keywords with traffic potential.
  • Semantic collection through Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs.

During the semantic collection, other types of pages were identified, allowing for the expansion of the site structure. Thus, we created:

  • Magento pages (Magento migration, Magento 2 development, Magento support and maintenance).
  • Web development pages (MVP Development, Enterprise Software Development, Web Application Development).

Prioritization and Scoring

To formulate the promotion plan, we prioritized keywords and assessed them using scoring, taking into account:

  • Client priorities.
  • Traffic potential.
  • Competitiveness.

This determined a set of keywords with the highest potential for success.

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 4

Overall, a broad structure with over 80 clusters was formed. For each of them, we:

  • Conducted a cluster analysis of the link profile according to the priorities.
  • Determined the approximate number of missing donors to be at the top of the search results.
SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 5

Step 4. Writing Technical Specifications (TS) for Blog Articles

Additionally, we understood that the blog would contribute to attracting organic traffic and improve the site’s SEO performance.

Our assistance to Dinarys in this regard involved:

  • Finding relevant topics that would interest the target audience.
  • Collecting semantics with the determination of keywords (based on the previous step).

As a result, the client received TS for blog articles with topics, keywords, structure, and so on.

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 6

Example of Technical Specifications (TS) for a Blog Article

Furthermore, constant technical monitoring of the Dinarys website was conducted.

SEO Breakthrough for Dinarys: How Specific Problems Were Resolved

Plans are plans, but impressive results wouldn’t exist without identified critical issues on the project. So let’s talk about the real SEO challenges our team faced.

Problem 1. Low Core Web Vitals Scores

Core Web Vitals are metrics of users’ real experience on the website, signaling how quickly users interact with the page.

It’s important to note that the Dinarys website is cross-platform, meaning its design adapts according to the version – desktop or mobile. Therefore, the problem turned out to be twofold.

Two of the main Core Web Vitals metrics needed improvement on 342 pages:

  • LCP issue – convinces the user of the usefulness of the page.
  • CLS issue – measures the displacement of elements on the page during loading.

Nevertheless, we managed to reach a consensus with the client. We provided them with a comprehensive list of recommendations to improve the metrics on all 342 pages of the Dinarys website. Currently, the client is implementing them independently.

Problem 2. Slow Page Loading

At the time of contacting our company, the situation on the website was ambiguous.

Homepage (mobile version)Service page (mobile version)Service page (desktop version)Blog page (mobile version)

Our task was to provide recommendations for improving site speed that would eventually bring all metrics into the green zone of PageSpeed Insights.

It was anticipated that the client’s implementation of the suggested revisions based on the recommendations would optimize browser caching, eliminate unnecessary HTTP requests, and minimize CSS and JavaScript loading time.

Problem 3. Lack of Responsive Design

A modern framework should provide a pleasant user experience on the website. For example, if the site is not adapted for mobile devices, it is difficult to even read text on the pages, let alone navigate.

The client’s problem was more profound: the website was not loading certain content, and the search bot could not see all styles and images. As a result, the site’s indexing by search engines was compromised, leading to a drop in its position in search query results.

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 7

The problem was solved in two steps:

  1. Explaining to the client the necessity of creating responsive design for the website template to ensure better visual effects on any screen.
  2. Checking the website using the Google tool to confirm correct adaptation for mobile devices.

Problem 4. Lack of OnPage Optimization

Before drafting the Technical Specifications (TS) for OnPage optimization of the Dinarys website, we:

  • Analyzed competitors for top search engine results.
  • Investigated the inclusion of keywords and LSI phrases.
  • Considered the specific nature of the business and target audience.
SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 8

As a result, clear Technical Specifications (TS) were created for copywriters to produce high-quality content.


Despite a series of technical difficulties, the analysis of each problem led to its resolution. We expected that the SEO metrics of the Dinarys website would significantly improve, leading to increased organic traffic and higher positions in search engine results. And what do you think? Our expectations were met.

Therefore, our achievements for the period from 02.2022 to 11.2022 were:

  1. Organic traffic doubled from 20,000 to 40,000.
  2. The website started actively generating qualified leads (MQL) from organic traffic.
  3. The number of top 10 queries increased sevenfold.

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 9
Number of keywords in the top
Group 1Group 5Топ 10
February 20220714
November 2022845102
SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 10
SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 11
SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 12

Example of a result from one of the reporting periods:

SEO Promotion of Dinarys Company Website: How We Multiplied Organic Traffic and MQLs - 13

Smooth collaboration and effective communication with the client – that’s what became the key to success and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Let’s Summarize

10 months of fruitful cooperation with Dinarys – it’s not just numbers, but a path of achievements and victories we’ve walked together. We’ve conducted hundreds of processes and implemented thousands of ideas!

The increase in the number of targeted leads, improvement in SEO metrics, high positions in search results – we are proud of the results and confident that this is just the beginning.

Want to learn more about how we can help your website achieve success? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Luxeo!

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