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We offer assistance in connecting you with over 120+ fractional CTOs and 110+ fractional CMOs. Customized to suit your requirements, our fractional executives seamlessly blend with your team to enhance growth, innovation, and success in today’s ever-changing business environment. 

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Here is just a small sample of experts from several random industries:

CTO-1: $80/hour – Fractional CTO | Startup Mentor | Tech Advisor | ex-AWS


Brends: Google, FOX Sports, Amazon
Verified: yes
Rating: 5/5


  • With over 20 years of hands-on experience in software engineering, he is a passionate and versatile technologist who leads, mentors, and manages on/offshore teams to deliver large-scale web-based enterprise-level software solutions. As a Startup Mentor, he helps startups leverage the power and potential of the AWS cloud to accelerate their innovation and growth.
  • His core competencies include team leadership, cloud applications architecture and development, end-to-end product delivery, migrations, and software engineering culture. He has a deep domain expertise in startups, media and entertainment, adtech, edtech, social platforms, data mining and analytics, and cybersecurity. His mission is to enable startups to succeed in the cloud and beyond.

CTO-2: $90/hour – over 25 years of experience, specializes in leading-edge AI and ML technologies


Brends: Agency Republic, Grand Union, Sky
Verified: yes
Rating: 5/5


  • As a battle-hardened CTO with over 25 years of experience, he specializes in leading-edge AI and ML technologies, with a particular focus on Natural Language Processing (NLP). His expertise extends to advanced cloud solutions, primarily in AWS and Google Cloud platforms, enabling scalable, robust tech infrastructure for a diverse range of applications. 
  • In recent years, he has consistently demonstrated success in integrating NLP and machine learning to drive innovation and efficiency in tech solutions. This expertise is coupled with a strong foundation in computer vision and advertising technology, which has been pivotal in his role in transforming business strategies into tangible high-value outcomes.
  • His tenure as Head of Advertising Technology at Sky, Europe’s leading media and entertainment company, involved spearheading the development of innovative advertising systems. At Blis, a location-based advertising firm, his role as CTO involved launching pioneering solutions in the market, showcasing his ability to lead in dynamic, evolving tech landscapes in the geospatial and location space.
  • Leadership, for him, means blending strategic business acumen with hands-on technical expertise. He is adept in Python, SQL, DevOps, and enterprise integration, balancing these skills with his responsibilities in team leadership, investment acquisition, and stakeholder engagement.
  • His passion lies in exploiting the potential of AI, particularly NLP and computer vision, to discover new meanings and patterns in video and textual assets and data. 

CTO-3: $110/hour – over 20 years experience leading development, design, data and devSecOps teams


Brends: Microsoft, Level Bot Technology Inc, Vibrant Software
Verified: yes
Rating: 5/5


  • CTO / VP Engineering with over 20 years experience leading development, design, data and devSecOps teams through production and operations on web and mobile. 
  • Certified Cloud Architect designing and deploying secure, scalable, and optimized workloads and pipelines on AWS with infrastructure as code. 
  • Cloud Security Expert performing cloud configuration audits and planning for SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance activities

CTO-4: $85/hour – over 20 years of experience in creating, delivering, and leading complex and advanced software solutions across various domains and industries


Brends:  Amazon, Ometria, Indigo Labs Limited
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


  • He is a Director, Founder, Fractional CTO, Technology Advisor, and Professor with over 20 years of experience in creating, delivering, and leading complex and advanced software solutions across various domains and industries. He has a PhD in Computational BioFluid Dynamics and multiple certifications in .Net Framework, Machine Learning, and Microsoft Application Development.
  • His mission is to propel technology-focused businesses to excel in a fiercely competitive market and to help non-technology focused businesses become technology-driven ones. He does this by leveraging my knowledge, expertise, and network of technologists, and by curating high-performance technical teams. He is also passionate about mentoring technology leaders who aspire to become inspirational mentors themselves, and about teaching and researching in the field of artificial intelligence. He is the Founder of Indigo Labs Limited, a technology advisory business that provides strategic, visionary, and product guidance to clients. He is also involved in several other projects and roles as a Fractional CTO, Partner, Technology Strategy Advisor, Professor, Module Leader, and Non Executive Director.

CTO-5: $80/hour – VP of Software Engineering | ex- Amazon | ex- Smartsheet | Fractional CTO | Board Member | Career Coach


Brends: Amazon, Smartsheet, Amdocs
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


  • She is a seasoned product-engineering leader with a track record of delivering innovations and growing concepts to enterprise-level scale products. Over the last +20 years of her career, She led SaaS, AI, no-code, Telecom and Big Data initiatives as part of enterprise, mid-size, and startups companies. She brings a strong understanding of how to connect a business vision to successful product delivery. She is an advocate for accelerating Women in Engineering and an active Career Coach.
  • Specialties: Leadership,Software Development Management, SLDC, PPM, no-code, Bot ,Chatbots, NLU, conversational commerce, AI, Cloud, Big data, Storage, Creative ,Mobile, Telecom, Web, Internet, R&D , IoT, Business Development, Engineering , Strategic business development, Diversity, Women in Engineering, OOD, Product Management, Project Management, Offshore, Outsource, Startup, Consulting.”

CTO-6: $75/hour – an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working effectively in a global business


Brends: Nike, Columbia Sportswear Company
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


  • He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of working effectively in a global business, across multiple industries and with many of the technical disciplines needed to support them. He is recognized for his strong communication skills with both internal and external partners and is able to handle ambiguity with ease. 
  • His ability to adapt to new environments comes from my varied background. His career as an Electronics Engineer provided skills in Software Engineering while working for companies supplying the UK and US military and UK natural gas industry. Later moves into Information Technology for the the apparel and footwear industry working for Nike and Columbia Sportswear meant delivering various Planning and Supply Chain solutions and heading up various technology groups.
  • Having developed an extensive skill set. He is now consulting with local companies to build out their strategic visions to help them build success through careful and thoughtful implementation of technology and operational excellence.”

CTO-7: $95/hour – 28-year veteran of software engineering and leadership


Brends: Gamesys, Amazon, Anomalous Ltd
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


He is a 28-year veteran of software engineering and leadership. He’s worked in tiny start-ups and tier-1 investment banks. He gets a huge kick out of helping organizations deliver worthwhile, intelligent and high-quality products by evaluating the friction points between short and  long-term strategies and building great teams, culture, capabilities and technology.

Recent work includes 

* Interim Engineering Director at Abcam, working to build 6 engineering teams and deliver the organization’s new modern, product lead digital platform. 

* Interim CTO at isoshealth, building a new product, on a tight budget and very tight timelines. 

* Managed technical relationships and delivery for multiple consultancy teams at Viooh for LaFosse as the Technology Director. 

* Designed the Google Cloud-based architecture and security for a health decision engine and website at Nell as the interim CTO

* Moved software development to an in-house team on a modern tech stack. Grown the understanding of the processes and delivery complexities of development for the senior leadership team at My Tutor as the CTO

* Creation and leadership of 5 full-stack dev teams & a Big Data team at DAZN.

* Got a great development team back to meeting their potential at Elsevier. 

* Replaced monolithic payment systems with microservices at Argos.

* Delivered 4K UHD Amazon Prime television on Roku devices at Amazon Instant Video with the UK & India based Roku teams. 

* Managed five mixed Java and Javascript teams, an iOS team and an Android team at Gamesys.

* Run Scrum and Lean internal training across the company and started the Engineering Leadership Guild at Gamesys.”

CTO-8: $90/hour – Fractional CTO | Founder | Web3 Expert | ex-Amazon


Brends: Amazon, Canada Revenue Agency, BootstrapLabs
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


  • Former FAANG engineer turned Fractional CTO and Web3 innovator. He specializes in transforming tech visions into reality, guiding startups through the complexities of digital and blockchain landscapes. Let’s build the future, together. ⚡️????

CTO-9: $120/hour –  20+ years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams


Brends: Amazon, TRUEPIC, Inc, Ciklum
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


He is an innovative and strategic software architect with 20+ years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams to successful completion of software and programming solutions. His goal is to drive operational efficiency and optimize revenue by guiding projects from design to implementation.

Professionally, he specializes in building innovative products and software that differentiate the organization from competitors in a significant way. He has always valued the precision and functional articulation of efficiency that is created through software architecture. Since the onset of his career, he has created solutions for new product development, product and process improvements, and industry innovation to create dramatic scalable growth and propel organizations to market prominence. With strength in technical aptitude, he has also enjoyed opportunities to cultivate his skills in business and people leadership. His experience as a Software Team Manager for Amazon was highly influential in expanding the depth of my skill, knowledge, and application in operational leadership, communication, and cross-functional collaboration.

He is committed to seeing each project he manage to achieve a successful, timely, and fiscally efficient outcome. He has built multiple organizations from the ground up, spearheading ideation and growth in both front- and back-end operations. 

 Additionally, he is a charismatic leader and communicator. It is important to him to ensure that all stakeholders clearly understand goals, process, and progression. As an adjunct profession for the University of Colorado, I refined his communication skills and honed his ability to translate and breakdown highly complex, technical information for non-technical audiences. This skill set supports effective relationship management across all functions of the organization, as well as with clients, vendors, and subcontractors.

CTO-10: $90/hour –  20+ years of experience leading multidisciplinary teams


Brends: Microsoft, SMBLive, Alekto
Verified: yes
Rating: 4/5


  • In the tapestry of his professional journey, he has consistently positioned myself at the vanguard of technological revolutions. From the client-server paradigm to the dotcom boom, from the nascent stages of cloud computing to the unfolding narrative of web3, his career is a testament to a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.
  • Introduced to the world of computers in 2nd grade and embarking on coding by the 6th, his affinity for technology was not just a passion but a precursory glimpse into a lifelong commitment to technological exploration—a journey less common in my early years but one that set the foundation for his  future endeavors.
  • As we transitioned from the client-server era, he was already navigating the complexities and potentials of what was to become the backbone of modern computing. The advent of the web2 and dotcom era saw he not just participating but actively shaping the digital landscape, contributing to the surge of internet-based solutions and services that would define a generation.
  • Today, as we stand on the cusp of the web3 revolution, his focus has pivoted to the bleeding-edge technologies shaping this era—blockchain, AI, and IoT. His expertise in marshaling resources and strategic thinking with a global perspective has never been more pertinent. The challenges and opportunities presented by decentralized technologies, intelligent systems, and interconnected devices are vast, and he is fully engaged in navigating and contributing to this exciting phase.
  • At the core, his expertise lies in procuring and marshaling resources to achieve any set objective. His strategic acumen, coupled with a comprehensive global perspective, has been honed over years of being at the forefront of technological shifts. From writing code across nearly all respectable programming languages to leading strategic initiatives in high-stakes environments, his career is a chronicle of adaptation, innovation, and leadership.
  • This journey through the epochs of technology encapsulates not just a personal evolution but a keen insight into the trajectory of technological progress. As we delve deeper into the realms of blockchain, AI, and IoT, I am invigorated by the potential to contribute to, and shape, this new era.

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